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Rashumon User Manual – Chapter 1 – draft

Tuesday, April 27th, 1993
Chapter 1 - Starting Rashumon
This chapter will show you how to start running Rashumon in
only a few minutes. 

1.1 Starting Rashumon from the WorkBench
To run Rashumon from the WorkBench environment,
double-click its icon. After a few seconds the logo will appear
and after a while, the main screen.

1.2 Starting Rashumon from the CLI
You can also run Rashumon from the CLI. To do so, type:

1> Rashumon

The program will be loaded.

1.3 Auto Loading a document
To automatically load a Rashumon's document, click its icon,
or (when running it from the CLI), type its name after the
"Rashumon" command. for example:

1> rashumon readme

When doing so, Rashumon will be loaded and then the
requested document.