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Press release Masterfont

Thursday, December 2nd, 1993

Product name:	MASTERFONT for the Amiga
Category:		Oriental scalable fonts for the Amiga
Available:		January 1st, 1994
Company:				HarmonySoft
			Creative Software for Creative People
Address:		69 Jabotinsky st. Givatayim 53319 ISRAEL.
			Fax: +972-3-315-967
Contact:		Natalie Re'em

Studio Rosenberg, the creator for more than 100  of Postscript fonts 
for the Macintosh  and HarmonySoft the developers of Rashumon the 
multi-lingual word processor for the Amiga, are working together 
on adding Amiga support for these fonts. The Amiga version of 
MASTERFONT includes both Postscript and Compugraphic versions of each font. 

The first set includes about 70 fonts in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. 
The price is yet to be determined, but prices range will be around 
50% of similar prices for the Mac. An additional discount will be 
given to the first 100 customers who contact HarmonySoft  

Demo operation:
After installing the ".type" file, you will have an Intellifont 
version that can be used by the Amiga. This font contains the 10 
characters of the Hebrew alphabet.