Kickstart 3 for the Amiga

Saturday, February 5th, 1994
Mike Barney

Kickstart 3 for the Amiga

Dear Mike,

We have ordered for you the latest version of the Amiga operating system - 
Kickstart 3.1 and we are expecting it in a week or two. 

I checked the disks you have returned to us and since they worked 
fine with our Amigas,  I suggest that you send or bring us 
your Amiga and we will do the installation 
of the operating system and the latest version of Rashumon dated 1-Feb-94 
(with a lot of new features).

I am really sorry you had to wait so far. Please contact me for further details. 
You can fax me as well to the same number.


	Michael Haephrati


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