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Press release I sent regarding a new product

Monday, March 28th, 1994
To: 	PiM Publication
Attn: 	New products
From: 	HarmonySoft

Dear PiM,

Enclosed please find some information about Rashumon 3 - a new version 
for the only multi-lingual word processor for the Amiga. 
We would like to have this information published in your new prroducts 
column. We are offering a special discount price only for AC and 
AC Tech readers.

Every reader that will circle the reader's service card's given to
our write-up, will receive this special offer: Instead of $200, out
regular price, a special discount price of $66. This offer will
expire after 2 months.


		Michael Haephrati

Letter to a dealer regarding Amiga 600 and AmigaHASP (Which I sold to Aladdin)

Friday, March 25th, 1994
Dear Toni,

The document you were supposed to send us by mail is the statement 
you returned us only by fax.
I want to purchase the A600 but for a lower price. Until the 
document gets
here I'll let you know what we decide.

As for the serialHASP product, please fax us number of plugs you 
will need. 
This product will be sold in the states. I will make sure they 
send you some of the new plugs for evaluation soon.



Submittion to the Fred Fish library

Saturday, March 19th, 1994
This is a submittion of a demo of Rashumon to the FredFish library.
Multi-lingual graphic multi-lingual word processor
Word Processing
Commercial Demo
Demo version has SAVE option disabled
 SAS/C++ 6.51, FlexeLint  4.0
Michael Haephrati,
HarmonySoft - Creative Software for Creative People
69 Jabotinsky st. Givatayim 53319 ISRAEL
Phone/Fax: +972-3-315-967
Requires WB2 (V37) or higher, 2MB Ram
Rashumon is a commercial graphic word processor that can handle 
multi-lingual text. This word processor is fully featured and is 
the only one of it's kind for the Amiga. It includes Postscript 
level 2 support (with Type1 fonts) for languages such as Hebrew, 
Arabic, Greek and Russian as well as English and more.
Special Features: Multiple selections * Table generator * Multiple 
keymaps support (up to 5 simultaneously) * Search and replace includes 
color, style and font filters * multi-lingual string gadgets to be used 
for creating and renaming files, drawers, etc. * Imports and exports 
multilingual ASCII files from and to PC and MAC * Ultra fast screen 
updating and scrolling * IFF graphics support (import and export) * 
Direct access to 255 characters of each font

Memo to myself – how to shift a line

Saturday, March 19th, 1994
//(c)1994 Rashumon Multi lingual word processor by Michael Haephrati

if(line->SpecialData & SHIFTLINE && line->CursLen>Header->Width)
	int offset=0,i=0;

Letter to Amiga World magazine

Friday, March 18th, 1994

Michael Haephrati, HarmonySoft
69 Jabotinsky st. Givatayim 53319 ISRAEL
Fax: + 972 3 315 967

My last order

Dear AmigaWorld,

A while ago I ordered a back issue of AW (the one from April 93). 
Instead of 1 you sent me 2 copies and charged my credit card twice.
I don't mind receiving your latest issue instead of having you 
refund my card. If this is possible, please mail me your latest 
issue along with a quote for 1 year subscription by air mail.


	Michael Haephrati