Submittion to the Fred Fish library

Saturday, March 19th, 1994
This is a submittion of a demo of Rashumon to the FredFish library.
Multi-lingual graphic multi-lingual word processor
Word Processing
Commercial Demo
Demo version has SAVE option disabled
 SAS/C++ 6.51, FlexeLint  4.0
Michael Haephrati,
HarmonySoft - Creative Software for Creative People
69 Jabotinsky st. Givatayim 53319 ISRAEL
Phone/Fax: +972-3-315-967
Requires WB2 (V37) or higher, 2MB Ram
Rashumon is a commercial graphic word processor that can handle 
multi-lingual text. This word processor is fully featured and is 
the only one of it's kind for the Amiga. It includes Postscript 
level 2 support (with Type1 fonts) for languages such as Hebrew, 
Arabic, Greek and Russian as well as English and more.
Special Features: Multiple selections * Table generator * Multiple 
keymaps support (up to 5 simultaneously) * Search and replace includes 
color, style and font filters * multi-lingual string gadgets to be used 
for creating and renaming files, drawers, etc. * Imports and exports 
multilingual ASCII files from and to PC and MAC * Ultra fast screen 
updating and scrolling * IFF graphics support (import and export) * 
Direct access to 255 characters of each font

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