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Brainstorming about Rashumon (an old email)

Friday, July 1st, 1994
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From: Michael []
Sent: Friday, July 01, 1994 6:16 PM
To: Shimon W
Subject: Re: Rashumon
On Fri, 1 Jul 1994, Shimon W wrote:
> density 7 but when we printed with density 4 everything was ok.
Yes. Density 7 take too much memory from the HP's internal memory.
> I think you should reconsider the page setup menu, instead of page
> size in pixels it should be like in pagestream and finalwriter - there
> should be fixed sizes for common page layouts (like A4, US letter and
> so...) and also a custom size which can be mesured in cm or inches.
Sure. will do.
> Placing the hebrew in 192 can cause problems with applications on
> amiga (FinalWriter and PageStream) the mac and windows hebrew is
> located in 224 and also all my fonts I converted. I saw an option to
> load a font as 192,mac,old96.... what does it mean - can the rashumon
> work with 224 hebrew fonts? I think that the method of using so many
> format is very confusing to the end user, if he uses a font which has
> hebrew in 192 and then switches to other font he'll have problems.
Rashumon supports fonts with hebrew mapped in 224. This is an
international standard called ISO.
In the other hand, 192 is the default for CG fonts. Hebrew file names are
remapped to 192. 'rashumon.font' holds special symbols in 224+ places.
The Arabic support is another problem. You need about at least 128
characters. Rashumon gives you access to all characters from 65 to 255
using: SHIFT, LEFT ALT, RIGHT ALT. This system was designed by
John Hajjer and me. John is an Arab person who lives in the states.
I am working with a font designer from Germany (who also made Meshulam and
I guissed it is actually Narkis tam with some changes).
All Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi fonts he creates are mapped in 192.
> I cannot post the fonts I convert to aminet cause they are not Public
> domain, the font you called meshulam is actualy Narkisim Tam - I would
> be more carefull unless you altered the font. I use to combine Hebrew
> and english chars in the same font so I think it would save place and
> many other problems. anyway I beg you please remove the support for
> all those bitmap video fonts now that you support CG and postscript
> fonts it's time to change the standart to 224 which is the standart in
> mac and windows, if you want to import text with hebrew in 128 or
> anywhere else make it possible through the file requester.
Why do you give 'illegeal' fonts to people any how? anyhow be carful!
I didn't want to do the convertion for Tzvi because of that.
BTW the creator of Narkis has cancled his contract with Zvika and actually
no one these days have rights for his fonts. bitmap fonts looks better
in video - thats what Scala people told me.
As for the standard, if you have a solution for Arabic and you can
send me fonts in the new standard (Hebrew, Arabic) maybe its
a good idea. Please check the file 'maps.pref'.
> another thing is the screen font you use, for pal hi-res no-lace users
> it's ok but it's much too small for dblpal Hi res no flicker and Super
> 72 users, I can send you a 12 point font I converted from mac :-).
I can't use copyright fonts as part of Rashumon.
>             1. it didn't Guru , well only once when I aborted printing
> (I guess it's because I use print manager) probably.
>             2. it prints nice 🙂 although the font requester is a bit
> unfriendly, can you please put the font size on the main window and
> not hide it under a Gadget?
No. I want people to forget the old amiga approach and start using fonts
like Mac users do.
When you work on the Mac, you either select a font (keeping the old size)
or changing size (keeping the same font).
>             3. I like the Idea of supporting programmers on the amiga
> (that's why I consider purchasing PageStream 3 when it comes out).
> Some more features I would like to see (in future releases) is support
> for IFF Dr2d and some draing tools. and BTW there is a bug in the
> table formatter but I guess Zvi allready told you about it...

Its not a bug. As i told TZvi, the number he enters is the number of
tab-stops and not columns. 4 tab-stops gives you 3 columns.

> I'll let you know when to send the upgrade, probably in the next few
> weeks.
> It shows that you have put alot of effort into this program and I
> would like to congratulate you for it.